Are air supply issues affecting your machine performance?


Discover how you can diagnose air supply issues with the Industry 4.0 enabled Sentronic HD proportional valve, for high accuracy pressure regulation applications.

If the inlet pressure to your machine drops it is not always apparent until you start seeing performance issues or non-conforming product.  No matter what pressure you set your proportional valve to control at, it cannot reach that pressure if the inlet pressure is too low. If not noticed in time it can mean waste or scrap material, and in some applications safety issues.  If you do notice that there is an issue, diagnosing the fault can take time, meaning an extended downtime period.

The ASCO Sentronic HD 616 series proportional valve from Emerson has a sensor to measure the inlet/supply pressure to the valve. If the inlet pressure falls below the set pressure an alarm will be set in the Data Acquisition Software (DaS) which can then be sent to the PLC.  This enables easy and early detection and diagnosis of the fault, meaning less wastage and minimal downtime. 

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