Miniature Fluid-Isolation Valve with Flapper Mechanism

​Fluid isolation for higher pressure ratings

The demand in analytical and medical technology for compact fluid-isolation valves with high pressure ratings and good vacuum properties has prompted ASCO Numatics to develop the new series 068 valves.

Distinctive features of the innovative flapper mechanism are the low number of moving parts and the corrosion-resistant fluid isolation from the solenoid operator. This design provides for a high level of operational and process safety.

The solenoid valves are available in 2/2 NC, 2/2 NO and 3/2 universal function in orifice sizes from 0.8 to 1.6 mm and can be used for vacuum applications and pressure ranges of up to 8 bar. High-quality materials such as PEEK, FFPM, FPM and EPDM allow the valve to be optimally adapted to different application needs.

In comparison to valves with similar characteristics, it was possible to further improve their self-draining and flushing capability. Due to the valves’ low power consumption of 4 watts (only 1.5 watts with optional battery operation) the temperature rise of the fluid is further reduced.

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