Emerson provides customised valve solutions to Crown-Baele

Leading industrial automation specialist, Emerson provided Belgium-based Crown-Baele with a bespoke valve and control system for its custom-made bottle filling machine. Using innovative ASCO valve solutions and customised cabinets to work together with an existing control system (Profinet), they created a compact solution for efficient and accurate control of bottling during beer manufacturing, while also ensuring easy maintenance of the system to increase its lifespan.

When designing the new bottle filling machine for the Valve Island in cabinet Gouden Carolus brewery in Mechelen in Belgium, manufacturers Crown Baele needed a reliable and robust valve and control system solution which could primarily manage bottle filling, but was also capable of controlling the amount of foam and carbon dioxide during the bottle filling. After close consultation, Emerson recommended its ASCO Numatics 501 series valve islands with G3 electronics to control the machine’s self-developed filling cylinder, meeting the high levels of production required.

Due to an innovative clip design, plus the modular and easy to use G3 electronics, ASCO Numatics valve islands can be easily diagnosed and disassembled, ensuring that parts can be easily replaced over time to significantly increase the reliability and lifespan of the machine. This supports Crowne Baele’s desire to provide its customers with the possibility of maximising their investment, which is a key part of their service.
An additional challenge for Emerson was creating a solution which worked well in the damp and aggressive environments typically found in the industry. To overcome the high levels of moisture and cleaning chemicals found in a brewery environment, they designed and constructed four custom-made cabinets to safeguard the working of the 501 series valve islands, a complete and compact solution for Crown-Baele. The cabinets were also devised to minimise the machine’s footprint.

Bart Monserez, Electro-Mechanical Engineer and Account Manager for ASCO Numatics, said: “Just like Crown-Baele, we take pride in providing the highest quality products and exceptional levels of services to our customers. Creating a compact solution with the innovative G3 subbus electronics and the new cabinet mount adapter plate helped us go the extra mile Crown-Baele needed. We managed to fit 128 400 litre/min valves into a 500x500 cabinet space, not something many can do.”

Senior project and automation manager at Crown-Beale, Philip Vorsselmans said: “We chose Emerson for their expert design and customisation along with their ability to go above and beyond our needs. Using modular valves was a particular benefit, as we can now easily carry out maintenance on the machine later on, expanding its lifespan and maximising our customer’s investment.”

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