ASCO Series 055 for the control of highly aggressive liquids


Emerson Micro fluidic Valve Product Focus: ASCO Series 055 PTFE Diaphragm Fluid Isolation Valve


Analytical and medical instrument applications, such as clinical diagnostics, DNA sequencing and chromatography often involve preparing biological and chemical samples with highly aggressive liquid reagents.

There are two potential issues when it comes to the use of these liquids. If the valve actuator is not isolated from the fluid then damage to the valve may occur.  This can lead to contaminated samples and / or can lead to the valve to fail.  The other issue is that should any residue be left over in the valve from the previous analysis, it can affect the results.

There is another potential issue when using valves with high power consumption.  These can get hot in service which may distort the results of the analysis.

OEM's require a valve with the lowest power consumption possible, while retaining reliability, which is where the challenge lies. The low power consumption valves must match the reliability of the valves without low power consumption or there is a risk of device malfunction or distorted analysis.

The compactness of the valve is also a crucial need within the market, as OEM's look to reduce the size and weight of their devices to meet the customers need for portability and / or smaller footprints.

The ASCO Series 055 solenoid isolation has a PTFE body and seal material. The fluidic path is 100% contained in the PTFE body, shielding the internal components from chemical corrosion and protecting the valve from becoming damaged.  Furthermore, the valve has excellent self-draining capabilities and a low-volume internal cavity for easy flushability, therefore protecting analysis from becoming distorted by the presence of residue from the previous analysis.

The valve addresses critical market and OEM needs in terms of compactness and low power consumption.  The compact design architecture make this series ideal for analytical bench-top instrumentation, while the low power consumption characteristics reduce heat transfer to the fluid / patient sample.  It also meets the needs of the growing Point-of-Care clinical diagnostics market.

The Series 055 PTFE valve meets all CE directives, is RoHS compliant, and is available in many configurations with various orifice sizes and flow rates.  Standard versions (2-Way normally closed, 2-Way normally open, and 3-Way universal) are available and customer-specific solutions are possible incorporating manifolds, fitting, and tubing.

Additional information on this valve series and the full technical specifications can be found here.

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