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Marine Solenoid Valves

ASCO has many years of experience in supplying valves to meet the exacting standards of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard

All of the valves listed have been approved for Grade A, Type 1 Hi-Shock requirements per MIL-S-901. The valves described are a sampling of the designs available meeting Navy specifications. For a specification recommendation on a valve to meet your exact needs, please contact, ASCO at 1-800-972-2726.

General Description
These 2-way pack less direct acting valves are suitable for steam flows to 100 lbs. per hour and are available with sil brazed unionends per MIL-F-1183. All are supplied with manual operating devices and meet the Hi-Shock requirements of MIL-S-901. No minimum operating pressure differential is required.

These valves meet the steam solenoid valve requirements covered in MIL-R-16743, “Refrigerating Plants and Systems, Mechanical; and Refrigerating System Components - Dichlorodifluoromethane R12 - Naval Shipboard,” paragraph 3.6.16, the refrigeration plant and systems specification for Naval shipboard use. Valves listed below may be used for many other shipboard applications.


  • Operation: Normally closed (valve closed when de-energized, open when energized).
  • Pipe Sizes: 3/8” and 1/2” sil brazed union ends per MIL-F-1183.
  • Valve Body: Forged Brass.
  • Valve Seat: Stainless Steel (300 Series).
  • Solenoid Construction: Internal parts in contact with fluid are of 300 Series and 400 Series stainless steel.
  • Solenoid Enclosures: Navy watertight Hi-Shock (15-foot submersible).
  • Electrical: Standard 115 volts, AC, 60 Hz. (Consult factory for other voltages).
  • Installation: AV224593 valve must be mounted with solenoid vertical and upright. AV174565 valves may be mounted in any position without affecting operation.

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