Scholarship Winners - 2011

ASCO Engineering Scholarship - 2011 Winners

​Collin Veele

Collin is studying for his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in product design at Michigan Technological University. Collin has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout his academic career. Collin’s future plans include applying his engineering, business, and leadership skills towards helping those who are less fortunate. Collin would like to work with developing countries to improve their way of life and provide support through his experiences and skills.

A few of Collin's many honors and awards include:

  • Winner of the 2009 Michigan Tech Elevator Pitch Competition
  • On the Velovations Bicycle Design Enterprise Team – Creating bicycle solutions for the people of Kenya
  • Entrepreneurs Club

"I was really excited when I first heard that I had won the scholarship, and the opportunity to fly to Las Vegas to accept the honor and meet some of the staff made it that much better. In addition to the various products I saw in action, I was very impressed with the generosity and hospitality that I received from the entire ASCO Numatics team. However, what impressed me most of all was the obvious commitment to developing the next generation of engineers. Thank you so much."
-Collin Veele

John Ryan Frazier

Ryan is an engineering student at the University of Louisville studying for a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Ryan has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout his academic career and holds the highest ranking in his electrical engineering class. Over the course of Ryan’s academic career he has learned that as an electrical engineer, he can make an impact on other people’s lives. Ryan has helped to provide water filtration systems to impoverished countries through the EDGE Outreach program. Ryan’s involvement has led to helping over 1000 people as well as providing the children of a failing coal mining town a sense of home, hope and belonging.

A few of Ryan’s many honors and awards include:

  • Won the Grawemeyer scholarship award
  • Won the Engineering Fundamentals Most Outstanding Freshman and Sophomore Award
  • Won the Samuel T. Fife Electrical Engineering Award
    ember of the IEEE
  • Member of the Speed School Student Council

 "After winning the scholarship, it was clear to me that ASCO Numatics wants to make it clear that they are in support of the next generation of engineering and automation scholars.  I have never experienced such a huge amount of generosity in such a short period of time.  From the time when ASCO Numatics revealed to me that I won, to the trip to Las Vegas to enjoy myself and connect with ASCO Numatics and other companies and people, down to the plane ride home, I was truly astonished.  Thank you so much for supporting me in my studies!"
-Ryan Frazier


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