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Poppet Valves for Pneumatic Systems

For compressed air or vacuum service, Numatics poppet valves are ideal for use with single acting cylinders, air bellows, and vacuum material handling applications

Numatics poppet valves come with different options, designs, capacities and features such as:

  • 3-way and 2-way design. Use with air or neutral gases. For lubricated or non-lubricated service
  • 3-way design. Use with air or neutral gases. Internal vacuum pilot operated. AC and DC voltages available.
  • Solenoid external air pilot actuated. 3 ported, 2 position. For lubricated or non lubricated service. Diaphram actuated. Polyurethane diaphram.
  • 5 port 4-way valve. Nylon shell & steel reinforced base plate. Die cast zinc alloy valve body. Spring return & detented models. Large opening for foot operation.