Pneumatic Valve - ASCO Numatics Series 580 CHARM

Fieldbus Communication Node - Emerson DeltaV™ Control Network
Series 580 CHARM
  • ​Provides single connection from the field to DeltaV™ with Electronic Marshalling
  • Configures the same as any other CHARM on DeltaV™
  • Uses native capabilities of DeltaV™ for diagnostics of pneumatic valves
  • Brings CIOC redundant communication and power connections to pneumatic valve manifolds



Series G3/580 Fieldbus Electronics Catalog Asset Library/numatics-series-g3-fieldbus-electronics-catalog.pdfSeries G3/580 Fieldbus Electronics Catalog
Series 580 CHARM - Technical Brief Asset Library/asco-numatics-580-charm-technical-brief.pdfSeries 580 CHARM - Technical Brief
Series 580 CHARM Catalog Asset Library/asco-numatics-series-580-charm-catalog.pdfSeries 580 CHARM Catalog
Series 580 CHARM Features & Benefits Sheet Asset Library/asco-numatics-series-580-charm-features-benefits-sheet.pdfSeries 580 CHARM Features & Benefits Sheet



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