Pneumatic Valve - Directional Control Valve - 4 Way: 5/2, 5/3-2X3/2 - Numatics Series 503

Solenoid Pilot Valve - Manifold - Discrete - Multi-pin - Fieldbus 1/4
Numatics Series 503
  • ​​​​​Increased energy efficiency
  • High flow in compact package
  • Modular design for easy configuration
  • Optimize energy consumption via Pressure regulators
  • Optimize machine cycle rate via speed controls
  • Pressure Isolation of Individual valves for easy maintenance
  • G3 and 580 Fieldbus compatible



Series 500 Solenoid Pilot Actuated Valves Catalog Asset Library/numatics-series-500-catalog.pdfSeries 500 Solenoid Pilot Actuated Valves Catalog
Numatics Fanuc EE Connection Flyer Asset Library/numatics-fanuc-ee-connection-flyer.pdfNumatics Fanuc EE Connection Flyer
Series G3/580 Fieldbus Electronics Catalog Asset Library/numatics-series-g3-fieldbus-electronics-catalog.pdfSeries G3/580 Fieldbus Electronics Catalog
500 Series Fanuc EE Connection Interface Data Sheet Asset Library/numatics-500-series-fanuc-ee-connection-interface-data-sheet.pdf500 Series Fanuc EE Connection Interface Data Sheet



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