Pneumatic Valve - 4-Way, 5/2-5/3-2X3/2 - 503 Zoned Safety Manifold

Solenoid Pilot Valve, Manifold - Fieldbus
  • Simplifies the design of a Cat 3 or 4 pneumatic safety circuit by integrating the safety function into a pneumatic valve manifold
  • Allows multiple independent safety circuits to be cost effectively designed into a single pneumatic valve manifold
  • Improved productivity and machine availability through independent safety circuits (zones)
  • Evaluated by TÜV Rheinland (Report No. 968/FSP 1228.00/16) in accordance with ISO 13849-1



Series 503 Zoned Safety Reliability Data Asset Library/asco-numatics-series-503-zoned-safety-reliability-data.pdfSeries 503 Zoned Safety Reliability Data
Series 503 Zoned Safety White Paper Asset Library/asco-numatics-series-503-zoned-safety-white-paper.pdfSeries 503 Zoned Safety White Paper
Series 503 Zoned Safety Catalog Asset Library/asco-numatics-series-503-zoned-safety-catalog.pdfSeries 503 Zoned Safety Catalog
Series 503 Zoned Safety Technical Manual Asset Library/asco-numatics-series-503-zoned-safety-technical-manual.pdfSeries 503 Zoned Safety Technical Manual
Series 503 Zoned Safety Flyer Asset Library/asco-numatics-series-503-zoned-safety-flyer.pdfSeries 503 Zoned Safety Flyer



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