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Specialty Cylinders & Actuators

Variety of cylinders, actuators and rod locking units that are designed for various and special applications

ASCO Numatics Specialty Actuators

  • Tiny Titan Series
  • NRL Series

Customers can further increase holding forces by stacking multiple Rod Locks together. The patent pending design is sealed and features a natural brushed aluminum finish or a corrosion-resistant, anodized finish. Whatever your application, precision operation with hassle-free performance come standard with each compact unit.

The ASCO Numatics NRL Series can be used with both of our NFPA and ISO interchangeable cylinder lines.

  • E Series
  • The Reciprocator

ASCO Numatics Specialty Actuators

  • ACCU Actuators
  • Air Bellows
  • FE Series Escapements
  • SC Series Swing Clamps

ASCO Numatics Valve Actuators (Knife Gate)

The KG Series is a robust air cylinder line that is designed to perform in the most demanding cylinder applications. One of the most popular applications for the KG Series is to provide a versatile method to automate Knife Gate Valves. The KG Series cylinder is designed to withstand the harshest Knife Gate industries and applications, i.e., water and wastewater treatment plants, power industry, pulp and paper mills, and the mining industry.