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Rodless Cylinders

A variety of rodless cylinders including guided and non-guided versions. Extruded aluminum barrel or magnetically coupled stainless

Some of our rodless cylinders available are:

  • NR Series Rodless Cylinder: The NR Series rodless offers an alternative solution to conventional cylinder applications. It's compact design cuts space requirement by 50% compared to rodded cylinders.
  • G Series Rodless Cylinder: Numatics' Heavy Duty G Series Rodless Cylinder incorporates a bearing rail and bearing sliders for incredible load carrying capabilities.
  • MCR Rodless Cylinder: The MCR Series cylinder consists of a piston and a carriage, which are coupled together using rare earth magnets. When the cylinder is pressurized from one end, the piston will travel the length of the tube, which in turn moves the carriage. Pressurizing the other side the carriage will travel back the length of the tube. They are available in various bore sizes and coupling strengths.