Customer Success Story

Plumbing Equipment

Plumbing Equipment.

A plumbing equipment manufacturer was developing a restroom that required the automatic injection of water into its “P” traps. This system was designed to maintain the barrier between sewer gasses and the restroom enclosure. The plumbing equipment manufacturer was experiencing leakage problems with the injection system’s valves and late deliveries from the valves’ supplier. The restrooms were often located in remote wilderness areas, were difficult to service, and frequently had no access to electric service. The company needed highly reliable valves that could run on low power.

In the past, the plumbing equipment producer had experienced virtually no failures or warranty claims with Emerson’s ASCOTM products. Based on this record of exceptional reliability, the customer chose an ASCO fluid automation solution for the injection system project. The technical team created a solution consisting of the compact ASCO 256 Series solenoid valve, coupled with an adjustable electronic dual-form timer. Low-power versions of the 256 Series were specified for systems in remote locations. The timers enabled automatic control of the period between injection cycles and the duration of the cycles. Utilizing Emerson’s ASCO ExpressTM shipment program meant the products were always available.


  • Ultra-reliable valves proved ideal for wilderness areas
  • Low-power valve models worked well in remote locations
  • ASCO ExpressTM availability ensured quick delivery

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