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Automatic Release Valve Package

Automatic Release Valve Package.

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An industrial control manufacturer was redesigning an automatic release valve package for a major oil and gas equipment customer. The customer’s specifications required higher flows from the package’s pilot valve to achieve quicker actuation. In addition, a lower-cost solution was essential for the industrial control manufacturer to maintain price competitiveness.

Emerson’s ASCOTM provided a fluid automation solution that met the manufacturer’s cost targets while achieving the customer specification’s higher flow rates. The solution consisted of an ASCO 551 Series spool valve, ASCO NF Series poppet valve, and NumaticsTM 50 Series high-flow filtration, attached to a customer-supplied Triac actuator. With this highly competitive package, the manufacturer became the oil and gas equipment company’s main supplier of automatic release valves.


  • Designed cost-effective solution
  • Achieved high-flow specifications
  • Helped achieve leading supplier status for customer

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