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Automated Milking Station

Milking systems and dairy farm equipment.

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A leading manufacturer of dairy equipment was redesigning its automated milking station. The company required a turnkey solution, including design and engineering, for the station’s air logic circuit. This circuit controlled the pneumatic cylinders that operated the stall’s entry and exit gates.

With a history of using its high-quality products, the dairy equipment maker again turned to Emerson’s ASCOTM for the air logic circuit project. Emerson’s ASCO engineers designed a drop-in Integrated Enclosure Solution that incorporated NumaticsTM Mark 3 valves, air logic valves, and tubing. The turnkey solution was assembled in an enclosure, the circuit was tested, then shipped to the customer — dramatically reducing installation and commissioning time. In addition, purchasing time was saved since only one part number was required. The customer was pleased with the air logic circuit’s performance and is buying additional ASCO Integrated Enclosure Solutions.


  • Designed air logic circuit assembly
  • Provided drop-in solution
  • Reduced installation and commissioning time with in-house assembly and testing
  • Streamlined purchasing process with single part number

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