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ASCO Customer Success Stories


​ASCO provides a wide range of solutions to customers across many industries and applications. These solutions are highlighted by a variety of Customer Success Stories, including those for Automotive & Tire, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Power, Industrial Machinery, Commercial Machinery, Analytical & Medical, Life Sciences, Water & Wastewater, Water Conditioning, Air Filtration, and Other Industries.


Automotive & Tire

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Brake Line Testing Equipment

Brake line air testing machine. READ MORE >


Tire and Wheel Assembly

Tire and wheel assembly. READ MORE >


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Modular Bulk Mixing System

Bulk mixing. READ MORE >

Food & Beverage

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Palletizer Systems

Automated palletizer system used for packing food and beverage containers onto pallets. READ MORE >


Food Processing Retorts

Fanuc Control System for food processing retort manufacturer. READ MORE >


Beverage Filling Machine for Breweries

Conveyor line for canning process. READ MORE >


Automated Milking Station

Milking systems and dairy farm equipment. READ MORE >

Oil & Gas

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Oil Wellhead Shutoffs

Remote oil wellhead shutoff system powered by solar panels/battery. READ MORE >


Natural Gas Plant

Natural gas plant. READ MORE >


Automatic Release Valve Package

Automatic release valve package. READ MORE >


Natural Gas Wellhead Shutoffs

Natural Gas Wellhead Shutoffs. READ MORE >


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Palletizer Systems

Automated palletizer system used for packing food and beverage containers onto pallets. READ MORE >


Leak-testing Analyzers

Leak-testing analyzers within a plastic bottle manufacturing company. READ MORE >


Glass Containers

Packaging machinery for a glass container manufacturer. READ MORE >


Food Packaging

Food packaging equipment with periodic wash-down. READ MORE >


Frozen Food Packaging Line

Food products machinery and equipment. READ MORE >


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Pneumatic Control Systems

Pneumatic control system wiring within a utility power plant. READ MORE >

Industrial Machinery

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Plastic Film Winding Machines

Plastic film winding machines. READ MORE >


Appliance Production Line

Appliance Production Line. READ MORE >


Automated Cutting Machines

Plasma and water jet cutting machines. READ MORE >

Commercial Machinery

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Commercial Food Steaming Equipment

Food servcice steamers. READ MORE >

Analytical & Medical

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Laparoscopic Surgical Equipment

Surgical suction equipment for laparoscopic arthroscopic procedures. READ MORE >


Chromatography Equipment

Continuous chromatography machine for process development and single-use manufacturing. READ MORE >



Ventilators for continuous respiratory support. READ MORE >

Life Sciences

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Botanical Extraction Systems

Botanical extraction. READ MORE >

Water & Wastewater

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Rain Harvesting Equipment

Residential rain harvesting equipment. READ MORE >


Water Processing Systems

Water processing systems. READ MORE >

Water Conditioning

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Municipal Water Conditioning/Chlorination Systems

Municipal water conditioning/chlorination systems. READ MORE >


Water Vending Machines

Storefront drinking water vending machines for households and businesses. READ MORE >


Industrial Water Strainers

Industrial water strainers. READ MORE >


Water Purification Equipment

Hypochlorite generation system. READ MORE >


Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

Reverse Osmosis System. READ MORE >

Air Filtration

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Dust Collector Systems for Carbon Manufacturing

Dust collector for carbon manufacturing. READ MORE >


Dust Collector Systems for Industrial Manufacturing

Air filtration equipment. READ MORE >

Other Industries

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Large Vehicle Wash Systems

Large vehicle wash system. READ MORE >


Irrigation Systems

Pivot irrigation systems. READ MORE >


Paper Converting Equipment

Rewinder equipment for tissue paper processing machines. READ MORE >


Plumbing Equipment

Plumbing equipment. READ MORE >