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Water Vending Machines

Manufacturer of Storefront Drinking Water Vending Machines serving local households & businesses. Customer uses 2 way & 3 way solenoid valves as part of their internal Reverse Osmosis system to purify the water to make it safe to drink. There are over 28,000 machines across the USA, requiring 300 valves monthly for service, maintenance and new builds.

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A manufacturer of storefront water vending machines used 2-way and 3-way solenoid valves in the reverse osmosis system that purified the water. The company installed and maintained over 28,000 machines across the U.S.A. A new regulation required the use of stainless steel construction and FDA elastomers in the solenoid valves. UL/CSA approvals and cost savings also were desired. In addition, the company wanted to eliminate the 2- to 3-week delivery delays from its original valve supplier.

Having used ASCO 320 Series valves in the past, the water vending machine manufacturer valued ASCO’s quality, reliability and customer response. ASCO fast tracked design, engineering, and production of a new valve that would meet the customer’s project requirements. Samples of the stainless steel valve, which were fully compliant with FDA regulations and had UL and CSA approvals, were quickly provided for testing. ASCO’s fluid automation solution saved the customer about $10,000 in recertification costs. The manufacturer was pleased with the valve’s quality, faster delivery times, and local technical support.


  • Provided rapid development of a customized valve

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