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Water Purification Equipment

Hypochlorite generation system.

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A manufacturer of water purification equipment was redesigning an on-site sodium hypochlorite generation system. New industry standards required the company to develop an NSF-compliant system that was also lower cost. Component changes for the new equipment included the use of an NSF-rated valve for water injection control. This more expensive valve would require offsetting cost savings in other parts of the redesigned system.

Based on its positive experience with ASCO products and technical support, the customer selected the ASCO 212 Series composite solenoid valve for its new water purification system. The NSF-approved valve met all of the customer's ratings requirements. In addition, its FasNTM quick connection system offered cost savings on installation and assembly. As a result, the customer's new system met all NSF approvals while being packaged on a cost effective, affordable frame. Based on the project's success, the customer plans to incorporate the ASCO 212 Series valve on all of its future sodium hypochlorite generation models.


  • ASCO 212 Series valve met all NSF approvals
  • FasN quick connection system reduced installation and assembly costs

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