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Water Processing Systems


Water processing systems.

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A leading manufacturer of water processing systems required valve manifolds mounted in panels to provide protection from the elements and to simplify wiring and maintenance. The pilot valves and manifolds actuated NSF-approved butterfly valves that controlled water flow.

ASCO Integrated Enclosures Solutions assembled a panel incorporating Numatics 501 Series dual 3-way directional control valves, an ASCO Numatics 652 Series filter and regulator, plus a power supply. These components were mounted in a clean compact enclosure that protected them from harsh conditions. ASCO also included spare valves for future maintenance to eliminate down time. The result was a central location for the water processing system’s valve actuation that reduced wiring and piping costs and facilitated troubleshooting. In addition, doing business with ASCO provided a single point of contact for technical support and service. The customer is pleased with the ASCO fluid automation solution and is buying additional valve actuation panels.


  • Provided turnkey valve actuation solution
  • Centralized valve actuation in a weather-proof enclosure
  • Reduced wiring and piping costs
  • Simplified maintenance and troubleshooting

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