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Municipal Water Conditioning/Chlorination Systems


Municipal water conditioning/chlorination systems.

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A manufacturer of water conditioning and chlorination systems incorporated brass body solenoid valves to control the injection of water into a chlorine mixture and the insertion of the mixture into the water treatment process. In the future, the company wanted to lead its industry and "be ahead of the curve" by using an NSF-rated, lead-free valve, even though it was not required by a regulation at that time. To do this and remain cost-competitive, the manufacturer explored ways to reduce the total cost of ownership of the NSF-rated valves.

The water conditioning systems provider selected the ASCO Series 212 composite valve with the FasN™ universal connection system. The highly reliable valve is tested up to 1 million cycles and its NSF rating allowed it to meet future lead content regulations for drinking water system components. To reduce the Series 212 valve´s cost of ownership, the company leveraged its unique FasN™ system to eliminate some of the PVC unions in the water treatment equipment. This solution reduced total manufacturing cost and also resulted in a product that was easier to maintain.


  • Met lead content regulations for potable water systems enacted after their purchase
  • Eliminated water treatment system´s pipe fittings and connections
  • Reduced customer´s total manufacturing costs

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