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Tire & Wheel Assembly


Tire and wheel assembly

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At 6 p.m., ASCO received an urgent phone call from a global automotive manufacturer´s Midwest plant. A machine that installs tires on wheels had shut down due to a problem with an electronic input module. The module receives input from sensors that indicate the positioning of the machine´s pneumatic cylinders. It then sends a signal to the programmable logic controller (PLC) to initiate the next sequence in the wheel and tire assembly process. When the input module malfunctioned, the machine stopped and the production line halted. The assembly plant did not have a spare part in its stores or MRO inventory and turned to ASCO for help.

ASCO customer support immediately called the stocking Numatics distributor covering the plant´s location, but the part was not in inventory. The next step was contacting the Numatics manufacturing facility in Sandusky, Michigan, where the input module is manufactured. The Numatics production team said replacement modules could be assembled and ready for shipment in less than 2 hours. That information was immediately relayed to the automotive manufacturer´s plant. After giving the Numatics plant the go-ahead, the customer dispatched a helicopter to the Numatics plant. The helicopter picked up the parts at 8 p.m. and delivered them to the automotive assembly plant. The tire and wheel machine was up and running by midnight.

The automotive customer was highly impressed with ASCOs' speed and customer support. Its production line returned to normal operation within 6 hours of module malfunction. The assembly plant is now working with the ASCO team to ensure the correct spare parts are being stocked in MRO inventory. In addition, the customer is interested in expanding their application of ASCO products.


  • 24/7 response to customer problem
  • Replacement parts assembled in 2 hours
  • Customer production line operation restored within 6 hours

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