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Reverse Osmosis Filtration System


Reverse Osmosis System

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A global water filtration provider was developing a new reverse osmosis system. The design called for controlling the system's valves with a set of pilot valves located in a single enclosure. The pilot valves had to have Ethernet connectivity for networking with a Rockwell communications system. In addition, the company wanted a menu of kitted options to make it easy for engineers at its panel builders to choose the proper valves, manifolds, and accessories for each application.

The customer selected an Emerson fluid automation solution for its reverse osmosis system. The ASCO Numatics™ 580 Series electronic fieldbus manifold and Numatics 501/503 Series valves were chosen for their compact size and easy-to-configure Ethernet networking. The fluid automation solution fit easily into a single panel and enclosure. Also provided was a spreadsheet that organized the valve options into kitted packages - with each kit having its own part number. This made it simple for engineers to identify and order the options they needed for each project. It also enabled the water filtration manufacturer to standardize on fittings, cords, and air preparation equipment. The customer is pleased with the chosen solutions and is specifying the custom kit part numbers to its panel builders.


  • Provided valve/manifold solution that fit easily into single enclosure
  • Offered simple-to-configure Ethernet networking
  • Organized valve options into kitted packages with special part numbers
  • Simplified valve option selection and ordering for panel builders

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