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Palletizer Systems


Automated palletizer system used for packing food and beverage containers onto pallets.

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A leading manufacturer specializing in case packing, palletizing, and material handling solutions for the food and beverage industry wanted to update the technology in its robotic palletizers. These automated systems pack cans and bottles in large shipping pallets. Weight played an important role in the products they chose, since weight reduction would allow the downsizing of the robot platform for significant cost savings.

Based on its positive experience with ASCO products and service, the company chose the Numatics G3 fieldbus electronic valve manifold for the palletizer’s robotic arm assembly. The G3 platform enabled the manufacturer to significantly reduce weight and cost, by eliminating the need for junction boxes on the EOAT (end of arm tooling). The G3’s simplified wiring, graphic display, and onboard diagnostics allowed the end user to quickly configure the product and troubleshoot input and output issues, dramatically reducing downtime. Plus, the ability to easily change components cut maintenance. Overall, the G3 platform was a perfect fit for the customer’s application.


  • Achieved weight reduction goal for significant cost savings
  • Reduced equipment maintenance and downtime with graphic display and onboard diagnostics
  • Produced less kinetic energy for reduced wear and tear on machinery

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