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Natural Gas Wellhead Shutoffs


Natural Gas Wellhead Shutoffs

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An automation and controls integrator was redesigning a shutoff control system for a remote natural gas well head site. The company had been using a pilot-operated valve and smaller direct-acting, low-power valve for the application. The new design required a solenoid shutoff valve that could operate on a solar panel with limited sunlight. It also had to have high-flow capability and work with contamination in the gas line.

Emerson, through its ASCO™ brand, developed a solution that replaced the integrator's pilot and direct-acting valves with a single ASCO 362 Series low-power, high-flow spool valve. The valve's 0.55-watt power requirement was significantly lower than the old solution's 1.8-watt rating, making it a perfect fit for the customer's solar-powered application. The significant reduction in power consumption enabled the end-use customer's wells to stay online much longer and reduced the number of batteries needed in the shutoff control system. In addition, the 362 Series' spool valve technology worked reliably in the harsh, contaminated natural gas environment. The shutoff control system was so successful it has been installed at 152 well sites.


  • Replaced two-valves with a single low-power spool valve
  • Cut power requirement from 1.8 watts to 0.55 watts
  • Increased gas well operating time
  • Reduced batteries required for application
  • Operated reliably in harsh, contaminated environment

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