Customer Success Story

Modular Bulk Mixing System

Bulk mixing.

How do you line up several bulk mixing skids and operate them with one Ethernet IP node? That was the issue faced by a mixing equipment manufacturer as its designed a modular bulk mixing system for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The OEM wanted a single, highly flexible and distributed control system that could operate the pneumatic components on up to five mixing skids. It also wanted the capability to self-test the pneumatic valve manifolds without the use of a laptop computer.

ASCO was the only supplier with a fluid automation solution that could operate multiple mixing skids with one Ethernet IP node. This design was important, since it would enable the OEM's customers to easily add skids as their capacity requirements grew. The ASCO solution consisted of Numatics 501 Series directional control valves, Numatics G3 Ethernet IP manifold with I/O, Numatics SentronicD proportional valve with high-current analog output module, and ASCO Numatics 652 Series air preparation equipment with shut-off valve. The customer was impressed with the G3 electronic valve manifold's advanced technology. The G3's built-in graphic display permitted self-testing without the need for a laptop or mobile device. ASCO's solution helped the customer introduce a unique mixing approach that generated several orders immediately upon product launch.


  • Enabled operation of multiple mixing skids with one Ethernet IP node
  • Fulfilled customer’s goal to achieve easy end-user capacity expansion
  • Permitted valve manifold testing without the need for a laptop
  • Helped customer introduce a unique mixing approach

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