Customer Success Story

Laparoscopic Surgical Equipment


Surgical suction equipment for laparoscopic arthroscopic procedures.

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A global medical device maker produces surgical suction equipment for laparoscopic arthroscopic procedures. A pinch valve in the device provides suction to clean its lens for clearer viewing by the surgeon. The inexpensive pinch valve initially specified for the equipment did not meet the required delivery schedule. It also had issues leaking in the pinch energized state.

The medical device maker was familiar with ASCO´s reputation for quality and turned to the company to help solve its pinch valve problems. The ASCO Series 284 pinch valve was selected for its reliability and repeatable response. It also had a better appearance than the competitive valve under consideration, plus it met the customer´s delivery requirements. With the ASCO pinch valve installed, nurses and technicians could easily remove the surgical suction device´s tubing from the patient. The customer also benefited from ASCO´s application knowledge and technical support.


  • Achieved highly repeatable and reliable instrument response
  • Fulfilled customer´s rapid delivery schedule
  • Improved medical operating procedures

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