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Pivot irrigation systems.

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A global manufacturer of center pivot irrigation systems was unhappy with the long lead times from its solenoid valve vendor. The valve supplier was providing 4 to 6 week deliveries and proper quantities were not being shipped. In addition, the manufacturer´s customers were experiencing valve failures such as coil burnout shortly after installation.

The manufacturer worked with ASCO to solve its delivery and durability problems. ASCO´s Series 314 (8314) solenoid valve, plus Series H miniature pressure switches, were available through the ASCO Express shipping program, making them highly appealing for the company´s just-in-time manufacturing system. In addition, the ASCO products, renowned for their durability, provided the customer with a longer life cycle rate. The company said that while it was replacing many of the competitor´s valves within months of installation, it has not had a single issue with an ASCO valve after more than 1 year of operation. The irrigation system manufacturer said the Series 314 (8314) valves have exceeded expectations and plans to standardize on ASCO products.


  • Achieved aggressive 5-day delivery requirements
  • Stabilized customer´s manufacturing schedules
  • Surpassed the competitive valve´s reliability and durability

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