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Industrial Water Strainers

Industrial water strainers.

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A water filtration equipment manufacturer was designing a strainer system with automated flushing capability. The design called for the strainer to detect differential pressure in the water stream, and upon reaching a designated point, open a valve to flush the system. The customer desired a compact unit with a DP switch and drain valve rugged enough to handle the sand and silt in the water stream.

ASCO’s Integrated Solutions group was the only supplier with the expertise and product portfolio to provide a complete fluid automation solution. The group designed a compact system that included the DP switch, plus an ASCO 320 Series stainless steel solenoid valve that piloted a rugged ASCO 290 Series angle-body stainless steel valve. The components were packaged in a compact enclosure that could be mounted either directly to the strainer or in a remote location.
This solution enabled the automated flushing system’s use in remote facilities where maintenance is not readily available


  • Designed a complete fluid automation solution
  • Provided rugged, highly reliable stainless steel valves
  • Packaged components in compact enclosure
  • Offered direct or remote location mounting

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