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Frozen Food Packaging Line

Food products machinery and equipment.

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A food processor was experiencing problems with its frozen food packaging line. Moisture in their compressed air lines was causing the equipment’s pneumatic cylinders to fail after operating for several weeks. Replacement cylinders required up to 4-week lead times, causing significant machine downtime. The food processor searched for readily available pneumatic cylinders that could withstand its harsh operating conditions.

The food processor put ASCO’s Numatics M Series cylinders through a 3-week, high-cycle field test to evaluate its reliability. With a built-in wiper to prevent particulate from damaging its seals, the high-quality Numatics cylinders performed well against the customer’s requirements and lasted significantly longer than the original cylinders. In addition, ASCO’s quick-ship program cut product lead times to 2 days. The result has been a significant reduction in the food processor’s downtime and maintenance costs.


  • Extended the lifecycle of the equipment’s pneumatic cylinders
  • Cut lead times from 4 weeks to 2 days
  • Significantly reduced machine downtime and maintenance costs

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