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Food Processing Retorts

Fanuc Control System for food processing retort manufacturer.

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A leading manufacturer of food processing retorts had a problem. The control valve platform in an automated retort loading system did not integrate easily with its robotics. The company was spending considerable man-hours designing and fabricating custom wire harnesses to connect the valves with the robot assembly. The result was an improvised solution that added complexity, time, and expense to its manufacturing process.

Already familiar with ASCO’s easy robotics integration, the OEM selected ASCO’s Numatics 501 Series directional control valve platform to solve its valve-controller connectivity problem. The 501 Series’ new robot EE-Interface endplate offered plug-and-play integration with the Fanuc system. This eliminated the significant man-hours spent designing and assembling a custom wire harness for each robot. It also created a much cleaner overall appearance for the retort loading system. In addition, the compact 501 Series valve was a perfect fit for the small size of the robot.


  • Achieved plug-and-play robot-valve platform integration
  • Eliminated cost and complexity of assembling custom wire harnesses
  • Fit compact robotic application
  • Created cleaner overall appearance
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