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Food Packaging

Food Packaging Equipment with periodic wash-down.

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A global food processor was operating packaging equipment that required periodic wash down. The European-made equipment was not designed for the caustic environment that was necessary to meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines. The pneumatic valves that controlled the packaging equipment deteriorated and failed in the harsh conditions, and had to be replaced, causing extended downtime and increased maintenance costs. The food processor needed new valves that were economical and could survive in the caustic environment.

ASCO engineering solved the customer’s problem by designing a complete fluid automation solution. The package included Numatics 503 Series directional control valves and manifolds mounted in a corrosion-resistant panel that fulfilled the food processor’s budget and application needs. The highly reliable valves and protective enclosure achieved a significant reduction in downtime and maintenance costs. The solution’s attractive design also provided an aesthetic upgrade that pleased the customer.


  • Designed a complete fluid automation solution
  • Reduced system downtime and maintenance costs
  • Provided attractive design that upgraded equipment aesthetics

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