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Dust Collector Systems

Dust collector for carbon manufacturing.

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A manufacturer of activated carbon products was experiencing problems with the pilot valves that controlled the dust collector pulse valves in it bag houses. The coils in the pilot valves were burning out due to ambient summer heat. The customer wanted to standardize in a drop-in replacement valve that was more reliable and could be purchased with a single part number. It also wanted replacement valves in stock at the local distributor.

ASCO proposed an Integrated Solution that consisted of a standard enclosure that could hold up to 10 highly reliable 262 Series solenoid valves. The Integrated Solution was assigned a single part number, making it easy for the activated carbon manufacturer to order additional units. The enclosure was a drop-in replacement for the previous panel, and its valves and timer were stocked by the local ASCO distributor. The customer is now replacing all of the plant’s pilot valves with ASCO products.


  • Created Integrated Solution with singe part number
  • Provided pilot valves with highly reliable ASCO solenoids
  • Enabled easy drop-in replacement
  • Repair parts stocked by local ASCO distributor

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