Customer Success Story

Dust Collector Systems for Industrial Manufacturing

Air filtration equipment.

A manufacturer of air filtration equipment was upgrading an industrial dust collection system. The system incorporated dust collector valves that controlled the pulse of air that blows dust off its filter. The company's existing valve technology used external pilot valves to control the dust collector valves. This design required connective tubing between the valves, which added labor and materials. In replacing these valves, the manufacturer wanted proven technology and reduced costs.

ASCO worked with the customer to develop a fluid automation solution that eliminated the old design's tubing and pilot valves, plus provided a cleaner look for the new dust collector system. The ASCO 353 Series pulse valves with integral solenoids required significantly less time install, saving the company about $3,500 on its 100-unit production run of dust collection systems. The customer was pleased with ASCO's commitment to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce cost. They also valued the 353 Series valves' performance and reliability.


  • Eliminated old design's tubing and pilot valves
  • Reduced installation time and cost
  • Improved reliability and manufacturing efficiency

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