Customer Success Story

Commercial Food Steaming Equipment

Food service steamers.

A manufacturer of commercial and industrial cooking equipment was redesigning its food service steamers. In the past, the valves that controlled the water flow would stick in the open position when deenergized, overfilling the steamer's water reservoir and spilling liquid on the floor. The new design needed a highly reliable valve to eliminate reservoir overflows and the resulting maintenance costs. In addition, the valve had to be NSF rated, since the water it controlled steamed the food. The design also called for a compact valve that would fit within the steamer's small footprint.

ASCO collaborated with the cooking equipment manufacturer to solve its valve reliability issues. In field testing, the NSF-rated ASCO 256 Series solenoid valves performed flawlessly under all conditions. The compact, stainless steel valve fit easily into the small space in the steamer's cabinet. As a bonus, ASCO's reputation helped speed UL certification since the inspector was familiar with ASCO products and did not have to spend time researching the component.


  • Provided NSF-rated solenoid valve
  • Solved the previous valve’s reliability problems
  • Compact construction fit small cabinet footprint
  • ASCO reputation accelerated UL approval

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