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Beverage Filling Machine for Breweries

Conveyor line for canning process.

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A manufacturer of conveying and canning equipment was redesigning a beverage filling machine for a brewery application. A pneumatic actuator and cylinder adjusted the machine’s canning line to accommodate multiple container sizes. In this application, the pneumatic components were static for lengthy periods — causing the company’s existing actuators to bind and stick. As a result, the customer desired a new high-quality actuator capable of remaining in a static position for extended times.

ASCO recommended the use of its Numatics NB Series actuator/cylinder for the beverage filling application. Self-lubricating interior surfaces and a composite cylinder tube ensured highly reliable performance and extended seal life. ASCO’s short lead times enabled early program completion, saving 10% in project costs. In addition, the customer saved warranty costs by not having to make service calls to free stuck cylinders. The canning equipment maker is pleased with ASCO’s performance and is purchasing additional fluid automation components from the company.


  • Self-lubricating surfaces ensured reliable pneumatic system performance
  • Short lead times enabled early project completion
  • Project costs were cut by 10%
  • Warranty costs were reduced

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