Customer Success Story

Automated Cutting Machines


Plasma and water jet cutting machines.

A leading manufacturer of plasma and water jet cutting machines was unhappy with the 3- to 4-week lead times offered by its pneumatic components supplier. Their pneumatic cylinders, filters and regulators, and valves played a key role in positioning the machines' cutting beds. The fabricating equipment maker wanted a new supplier that could provide faster delivery plus a lower-cost solution.

Emerson, through its ASCO™ brand, created a compact fluid automation solution with 2-week delivery. The ASCO Numatics™ 501 Series directional control valves and 580 Series manifolds reduced cost by using the manifold's built-in Ethernet IP technology. Several hundreds of dollars were saved per application since the 580 Series did not require an Ethernet IP node. These components controlled Numatics™ M Series cylinders located around the beds of the machines. The entire solution was easy to install and commission. The customer is pleased with the performance of the products and is considering a panel-mount version of the solution.


  • Cut delivery time to 2 weeks
  • Reduced cost with built-in Ethernet IP technology
  • Allowed faster and easier installation and commissioning

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