Customer Success Story

Appliance Production Line


An appliance manufacturer wanted to upgrade washer line to improve cycle times & decrease downtime with new valves and electronic.

A major appliance manufacturer wanted to upgrade its washing machine production line with new pneumatic valves and electronic manifolds to improve cycle time and productivity. The valves, which turned the washing machines during the assembly process, were damaged by too much water in the air lines. The result was excessive production downtime to replace the broken valves.

Emerson provided a fluid automation solution that used standardized components to achieve the customer’s goals of reduced downtime and simplified maintenance. The solution included ASCO Numatics™ valves and G3 electronic manifolds, which allowed controls engineers to pinpoint potential trouble spots for preventive maintenance. Using the G3's diagnostic capabilities, technicians could easily access the device's logs to pinpoint valves that required servicing. In addition, Numatics filters, regulators, and lubricators provided better compressed air quality. The solution performed well and the customer is also purchasing Numatics cylinders for its production system.


  • Improved compressed air quality
  • Reduced production downtime
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Increased cycle times

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