ASCO Brand Transition - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ

​1. Why is the company being rebranded as ASCO?
The name change recognizes our capabilities to globally deliver the industry’s widest range of fluid automation solutions with unmatched speed, reliability, and performance. As we look into the future of manufacturing and processing, we see a convergence of fluid control and fluid power technologies that will require a comprehensive suite of fluid automation products that create higher-value solutions for customers. Only ASCO has the innovative technology, cross-application expertise, and global scale that help customers maximize efficiencies, optimize applications, and transform their ideas into measurable outcomes.

2. What do we mean by “fluid automation?”
Wherever manufacturing or processing happens, more and more customers are encountering challenges that demand a comprehensive suite of fluid control and pneumatic products and services that only a fluid automation company can deliver. ASCO sets the standard for developing engineered solutions for a broad range of markets and applications and has a unique perspective and ability to drive the industry with new ways of thinking and innovating. As a true fluid automation solution provider, we can continually identify opportunities for customers to realize their true potential.

3. What will happen to the Numatics business?
Within ASCO, a business unit of Emerson, Numatics will remain a core part of the business as a product brand.

4. How will ASCO Numatics products be affected?
Existing fluid power products will retain the Numatics brand. New fluid power products will be introduced under the ASCO Numatics brand. The company’s fluid control products will continue to be sold under the ASCO brand.

5. Will customers or distributors be affected? Will they see any changes?
The brand change will not affect distributor relationships, channel alignment, product authorizations, or purchasing processes. Customers will continue to deal with the same people they have come to trust over time, regardless of whether they are an existing Numatics or ASCO customer or distributor.

6. Is this change effective only in the United States?
No.  This change is being implemented across our global network, which operates in over 42 countries.

7. When can we expect to see the implementation of this change?
This change is effective [February 9, 2016], and we will implement the brand activation with additional tools and content for employees and customers in the coming months.

8. Will you continue to maintain separate distribution channels where they exist today?
Yes.  This change will not have an impact on our global sales channel strategy. Where Numatics distributors exist, they will continue to sell our products.

9. Should I now call ASCO Technical Support for questions about Numatics products?
No, you should continue to use the published Numatics-specific phone numbers for customer inquiries and technical support questions for fluid power products.  ASCO-related contact information also remains unchanged.