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Lockout & Shut off Valves

Lockout and shut off valves prevent unauthorised pressurisation of an air system during service or maintenance

​Lockout valves employ a unique, one piece center spool design that accommodates a user-supplied padlock in the closed position. When locked in the closed position, the system controlled by the lockout valve cannot be operated until the padlock is removed.

Lockout valves are available in several different designs, including standard manual full flow quick exhaust (VL Series - yellow body), Slo-Start™ full flow quick exhaust (VT Series - yellow body) and the Shut-Off Valve (VSL Series - grey body).

The Shut-Off Valve (VSL Series - grey body) has a restricted exhaust and is typically used at the beginning of the FRL assembly. The addition of the Slo-Start™ feature to the lockouts allows for the downstream pressure to gradually increase prior to opening to a full flow condition.