Numatics Sentronic D - The First Proportional Valve That's Field-Programmable

NOVI, MICHIGAN, U.S.A., September 23, 2010 – ASCO Numatics, the world’s leading manufacturer of comprehensive fluid automation, flow control, and pneumatics solutions, has introduced the Numatics Sentronic D line — the first proportional valves that can be fully tuned to an application without being removed from the production process.

“With its Data Acquisition Software (DaS) and a direct-operating solenoid, the Sentronic D valve can shave weeks off development and start-up times plus provide production systems with higher performance characteristics for greater throughput and yield,” said Robert W. Kemple, Jr., executive vice president, sales and marketing - Americas, ASCO Numatics. “Now manufacturing and control engineers can incorporate proportional valves that meet their specific application requirements, rather than sub-optimizing their application to accommodate a valve’s capability.”

The Sentronic D valve is ideal for PET blow molding, laser cutting, paint spray, web tensioning, balancing, welding, tire industry, leak testing, and polystyrene foam molding applications where precise pressure control is required.

DaS Enables On-Machine Valve Adjustment

Users can adapt the pressure regulator to the control loop in an optimal way with Numatics’ DaS software and RS232 interface while the valve remains installed in the production machine. The scope function allows the logging and read out of the system‘s transient response in real time. Previously saved valve data can be loaded at any time and used as a reference for maintenance and error detection. In addition, the software enables direct interaction with Numatics technical support for factory diagnostics and troubleshooting.

“With DaS, the need to remove the valve for factory adjustment is virtually eliminated,” said Kemple. “For the first time, control engineers can fine tune control parameters with a laptop or netbook while the valve is on the production equipment.”

The Sentronic D is available with an optional integrated graphic display that quickly presents key data such as outlet pressure, setpoint and pressure switch signals.

Direct-Acting Solenoid Provides Better Performance

The Sentronic D valve incorporates a direct-acting solenoid for faster response and much higher repeatability. This technology is infinitely adjustable and minimizes resolution loss.

“Our Sentronic D proportional valve is the preferred solution for control engineers desiring precision pressure control, early identification of application-specific problems, field adjustment, and streamlined development processes,” said Kemple. “For OEMs, it means cutting weeks from production cycles and achieving faster order fulfillment rates.”

The Sentronic Dvalve is part of a comprehensive family of Numatics proportional products that include the Flowtronic D, Sentronic PLUS, Control D, and E-Series lines.

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Quick Facts

  • ASCO Numatics SentronicD line introduced as first proportional valves that can be fully tuned to an application without being removed from production process
  • On-machine valve adjustments are managed by Numatics
    DaS software, RS232 interface
  • Valves feature direct-acting solenoid
  • Applications include: PET blow molding, laser cutting, paint spray, web tensioning, balancing, welding, tire industry, leak testing, polystyrene foam molding