Emerson Introduces Plug-and-Play ASCO Dental Manifold Assemblies that Eliminate Engineering Time and Reduces Design Complexity

FLORHAM PARK, NEW JERSEY, November 13, 2017 - Emerson has introduced a range of dental manifold assemblies that reduce dental delivery system complexity and virtually eliminates engineering time for original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The ASCO 252 Series dental manifold assemblies are available in three possible configurations. Each assembly combines the functions for liquid, gas, and proportional pneumatic control.

"Emerson is the first in the industry to offer a series of plug-and-play dental manifold assemblies that incorporates integrated fluidic modularity to suit the needs of virtually any dental chair," said Mike Elsigian, Vice President, Analytical & Medical. "The new assemblies eliminate the need for the dental chair manufacturer to spend time designing customized valve manifolds."

The three variations of the ASCO dental manifold assemblies combine different functions to make the design and integration easier.

  • One module handles all three dental tasks - water irrigation, air drying, and an air-operated turbine for variable speed hand tools
  • Another module controls two different air flows and a water channel
  • A third module controls water irrigation and has two open channels to control syringe and scaler hand tools

The manifold assemblies are expandable, enabling up to four manifold blocks to be joined together. This provides the delivery system console with the capability to accommodate up to 12 unique configurations. Each module is equipped with a manual-turn flow controller for added flexibility.

Due to the small footprint within the dental office, it is important that the console is small in size, yet still can meet the demanding fluid control requirements faced by dental professionals. The compact manifold assemblies enable OEMs to provide a significant range of options that accommodate the diversity of tools required by dentists. These include:

  • Pneumatic rotating tools with interchangeable tool heads for brushing, polishing, and cutting
  • Water spray tools for wetting and cleaning teeth
  • Air spray tools for drying the teeth and blowing away debris
  • Vacuum suction tools to remove debris and liquid waste

The new configurable ASCO dental manifold block can mate with many different ASCO valves to create a customer-specific configuration. "When paired with liquid isolation, proportional gas, and general service valves, our market-proven dental manifold assembly gives OEM's the all-in-one solution they have been seeking," said Elsigian. "In addition, we are generating significant engineering cost savings and accelerating the OEM's speed to market."

The dental valve manifold is backed by Emerson's global support network. It is available for purchase from ASCO sales representatives and distributors. For more information visit www.asco.com.

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