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Numatics Launches Comprehensive Product Catalog 3.0 Online384565 You can now download our comprehensive product catalog 3.0 from Numatics containing over 790 individual product pages in PDF. This online catalog enables customers to browse our comprehensive range of products comprising directional control valves, In-line valves, poppet valves, Fieldbus Electronics featuring our state of the art G3 platform, FRL and air preparation products, robust offering of NFPA, ISO, repairable and non-repairable round line cylinders and motion control products and accessories. 11/24/2015 5:00:00 PM 2:14:02 PM17 List/AllItems.aspxFalse1
ASCO Introduces 212 Series Manual Override Option for Water Purification Applications384394 ​A manual override option is now available for all Normally Closed constructions of the 212 Series composite valves from ASCO. The manual override is designed for OEM and end-user applications requiring increased flexibility in system filling, venting, start-up and troubleshooting. The screw-type manual override, which stays in place with a 90-degree turn by a flat-head screwdriver, is ideal for a wide range of purified water applications including reverse osmosis, grocery store vegetable misting, potable water distribution, plumbing and on-vessel water makers.10/27/2015 4:00:00 PM 2:14:02 PM12 List/AllItems.aspxFalse3
ASCO Introduces X214 Series Shutoff Valves in Larger Sizes for Gas Generator Emergency Power Market384358 The new X214 Series Gas Shutoff Valves from ASCO are now available in 2", 2-1/2" and 3" and provide positive shutoff against reverse pressure up to 15" W.C. These new X214 Series valves employ a low power 24V DC peak and hold solenoid operator that significantly reduces energy consumption to 3.2 watts (hold). Ideal for use in emergency and standby power systems using a primary and alternate fuel gas source and locations where power consumption is critical, such as hospitals and remote upstream oil and gas extraction sites.10/20/2015 4:00:00 PM 2:14:02 PM15 List/AllItems.aspxFalse4
ASCO Introduces 8040 Series Gas Valves in Smaller Sizes for OEM Applications384422 ​The new 8040 Series Gas Shutoff Valves from ASCO are now available in 1/8" and 1/4" sizes for use in OEM commercial ovens and gas generators. Economical open frame spade construction in 12V and 24V DC, as well as standard AC voltages are ideal for mounting in OEM housings.10/20/2015 4:00:00 PM 2:14:02 PM13 List/AllItems.aspxFalse2
New Numatics 616 Series SentronicHD Delivers Precision Pressure Control in the Most Demanding Applications 384369 ​Numatics is pleased to announce the launch of the 616 Series SentronicHD, a key addition to the Sentronic range and an excellent solution for any application requiring high accuracy pressure regulation, such as in the automotive, process and medical industries.10/13/2015 4:00:00 PM 2:14:02 PM12 List/AllItems.aspxFalse5
Numatics Introduces Repairable Round Line Cylinders Featuring Comprehensive Mounting and Threading Options 384332 The Numatics 488 Series Repairable Round Line Cylinders come with magnets and bumpers as standard features. The 488 Series also is available with optional adjustable cushions, plus has more mounting and thread-type options than competitive products in its class. With construction that is more robust than nonrepairable cylinders, the 488 Series is more durable and reliable to accommodate the high cycle rates found in packaging and automotive applications.10/8/2015 4:00:00 PM 2:14:02 PM15 List/AllItems.aspxFalse6
ASCO Numatics Announces 2015 Industrial Automation Engineering Scholarship Winners384343 ​Emily Doyon of Biddeford, Maine and Brad Harvey of Twinsburg, Ohio will each receive $5,000 as part of the scholarship program. Additionally, ASCO Numatics will make $1,000 grants to the engineering departments of The University of Maine and The University of Akron9/30/2015 4:00:00 PM 2:14:03 PM18 List/AllItems.aspxFalse7
ASCO Numatics Expands Fluid Automation Portfolio with the 652 Series FRLs384354 ​ASCO Numatics has introduced its 652 Series filter, regulator and lubricator (FRL) line of air preparation products. The new ASCO Numatics 652 Series features high flow characteristics and the widest high - and low-temperature ratings of any FRL – making it ideal for a broad range of applications.9/15/2015 4:00:00 PM 2:14:03 PM33 List/AllItems.aspxFalse8
ASCO Introduces RedHat Next Generation Enhancements384598 ​The robust line of voltage ranging solenoid valves from ASCO now offers even more value with power consumption of only 1.0W (DC) and 1.5W (AC/DC). These solenoid valves are also compatible with systems using supervisory currents and are RoHS 2 compliant to satisfy CE Directives for the removal of hazardous substances.9/1/2015 4:00:00 PM 2:14:03 PM6 List/AllItems.aspxFalse9
ASCO Expands 364 & 362/562 Series to Include Four New Solenoid Options384566 ​Stainless steel spool valves from ASCO are now offered with a 0.55 Watt Ultra Low Power, 0.48 Watt Intrinsically Safe Solenoid, Standard 10.1 Watt AC Solenoid and Standard 11.6 Watt DC Solenoid. Over 100 new versions are now being offered with the addition of these four solenoid options8/27/2015 4:00:00 PM 2:14:03 PM17 List/AllItems.aspxFalse10

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