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New ASCO Video Page384339 ​You can now view all ASCO videos from one page.12/17/2012 5:00:00 PM 2:15:17 PM11 List/AllItems.aspxFalse66
Numatics Releases Mobile Website384340 The mobile website is designed to allow customers to easily search for important product information, catalogs, distributor locations, and news releases right on your mobile device.11/15/2012 5:00:00 PM 2:15:17 PM11 List/AllItems.aspxFalse67
Numatics Introduces 503 Series High Flow Rate Directional Control Valves384341 ​The 503 Series of pneumatic directional control valves with ultra-high flow ratings are designed for automation and piloting applications across a wide range of automotive and tire, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, packaging equipment, and general machinery applications.11/13/2012 5:00:00 PM 2:15:18 PM11 List/AllItems.aspxFalse68
ASCO Numatics Announces 2012 Industrial Automation Engineering Scholarship Winners 384342 ​Kelsey Johnson of Brownsburg, Indiana, and Nathan Koetsier of Marne, Michigan, will each receive $5,000 as part of the scholarship program. Additionally, ASCO Numatics will make $1,000 grants to the engineering departments of Purdue University and Michigan Technological University, the schools that Johnson and Koetsier respectively attend.11/8/2012 5:00:00 PM 2:15:18 PM14 List/AllItems.aspxFalse69
Numatics Ranks #3 in the 2012 Control Design Readers' Choice Awards for the Pneumatics Component Category.38434511/8/2012 5:00:00 PM 2:15:18 PM13 List/AllItems.aspxFalse71
New ASCO Numatics Applications - Fluid Automation Solutions for Analytical & Diagnostic Equipment and Fluid Power & Fluid Control Solutions for Tire Manufacturing 384344 ​The applications section of the website has been updated to include Fluid Automation Solutions for Analytical & Diagnostic Equipment and Fluid Power & Fluid Control Solutions for Tire Manufacturing. Each section also contains a brochure for download and an interactive diagram demonstrating how ASCO Numatics products apply. Go here to view the Analytical & Diagnostic Equipment Applications Go here to view the Tire Manufacturing Application10/25/2012 4:00:00 PM 2:15:18 PM10 List/AllItems.aspxFalse70
ASCO Introduces Composite Solenoid Valve for Water Purification & Conditioning Applications 384464 ​The 212 Series of composite solenoid valves incorporates the new FasNTM universal connection system and is designed specifically for water purification and conditioning systems in commercial and industrial applications.9/27/2012 4:00:00 PM 2:15:18 PM23 List/AllItems.aspxFalse175
ASCO Awarded 2012 Flow Control Innovation Award384346 ​The ASCO 1/4-inch NPT 316L Low-Power Harsh Environment Valves are innovative for its lower power consumption with increase preddur ratings; one valve meets global approvals and certifications; and valves do not require special filtrations.9/26/2012 4:00:00 PM 2:15:18 PM10 List/AllItems.aspxFalse72
ASCO Introduces Series 342 316L Stainless Steel Filter and Regulator 384347 ​The new 316L Stainless Steel Filter and Regulator, Series 342 is designed for use in harsh environments, including oil and gas exploration, transmission and refining, water and waste water treatment, and chemical to name a few. 7/26/2012 4:00:00 PM 2:15:18 PM10 List/AllItems.aspxFalse73
New 8040 Series Compact Gas Valves for OEM Applications384348 The new 8040 Series Compact Gas Shutoff Valves are designed for use in OEM commercial ovens and gas generators. The 8040 Series includes 12V and 24V DC constructions in addition to standard AC voltages. Economical open frame versions with spade or leads are also available.7/17/2012 4:00:00 PM 2:15:18 PM13 List/AllItems.aspxFalse74

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