New cabinet mount valve Island solution saves engineering and assembly time

​Sometimes it is necessary to mount valve islands in cabinets. Particularly when they are being used outdoors, in wash down areas or in areas where harsh chemicals are present. Often the islands are mounted on a rail inside the cabinet and the pneumatic connections are extended to a bank of bulkhead fittings. This requires significant design and assembly time and can also result in a larger footprint than necessary.
The new ASCO cabinet mount solution for the 501 series of valve islands does away with these issues. The valve island connects directly to the interior of the cabinet, with the pneumatic connections on the outside. The cabinet mount solution is a key addition to the ASCO Numatics range of valve island solutions.
Key benefits include :
  • Simplified tubing and overall cabinet design
  • Space saving, enables the use of smaller cabinets
  • More economical than the use of individually tubed bulkhead fittings
  • Stainless steel construction offers reliable protection against corrosion

For more information about our valve island offering, please visit the valve island website