​Receive your ASCO test samples in just 2 Days!

Emerson is pleased to announce the launch of our new 2-day sample program for ASCO microfluidic products.  

For Original Equipment Manufacturers in the medical industry, the early development stage of a new project is a critical time. As such, they often require quick turnaround on sample valves to help them test their concepts and design and meet their project deadline.

Our new 2-day sample program will give the manufacturers of analytical & medical machines and devices access to ASCO microfluidic valves in a very short leadtime works as follows:

  • Stage 1 – Following the initial discussion between Emerson and the customer, an order is submitted for the relevant ASCO sample products.
  • Stage 2 – One of our sales specialists will meet with the customer face-face and deliver the selected samples. During this meeting we will strive to learn more about the project and explain the function of the sample valves.  This ensures a deeper understanding of the customer application and the proposed solution.  A product development engineer may visit the customer with the sales specialist to offer expert insight about how to achieve the best results from the valve. (e.g. how to control a proportional valve within breathing equipment under special customer environmental conditions).

Emerson offers a wide range of ASCO general service valves, proportional valves and liquid isolation valves.  The most common products used in analytical and medical applications will be included in the 2 day sample program.

Discover our complete Fluid Isolation Valves, Non-Isolation Valves and Proportional Valves offering.

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