Proportional solenoid valve Preciflow IPC

Preciflow proportional valveTo answer to the growing requirements of the market for high-flow proportional valves, ASCO Numatics has designed the new series 202 direct acting proportional valve type "Preciflow IPC" for gas flow control. The demand for reliable, high-performance proportional valves has increased especially in the field of analytical and medical technology.

The valves are particularly suited for use in the fields of breathing apparatus, anaesthesia and mass flow controllers. These fields of application require valves with a high flow, wide pressure range and low power consumption (e.g. for battery operation). Using a valve with inlet pressure compensation (IPC) has allowed ASCO Numatics to meet these requirements.

The Preciflow IPC is a normally closed 2/2-way valve (i.e. it falls shut on loss of power). Its nominal size is 3 mm and its pressure range is from 0 – 7 bar at an inlet pressure of max. 10 bar. The valve is designed to achieve a flow rate of 190 l/min at an inlet pressure of 2.6 bar. At this flow rate, the valve has a power consumption of only 2.5 watts. Its wetted parts consist of stainless steel (body) and FPM (seals). The Preciflow IPC is manufactured using these high-quality materials to fulfil the requirements of the most different types of applications. The proven flat spring technology, well-known from our proportional valve type Preciflow, allows the Preciflow IPC to have a hysteresis <5 % of span.

The Preciflow IPC is offered in a cartridge or pad-mount version for integrated system solutions. As a stand-alone solution, the valve is also available in a G1/8" version. The valve can operate at either 6 VDC, 12 VDC or 24 VDC. It can optionally be controlled via a PWM signal or a constant current input.

Cable ends (PTFE), 0.23 m long are provided for electrical connection.

Main features
  • Compact design
  • High flow
  • No minimum operating pressure required
  • Contrôle de la pression d'entrée de l'électrovanne (IPC)
  • Low hysteresis (< 5 %)
  • Low power consumption (2.5 W)
  • Direct operated
  • Variable flow, proportional to the applied current

>> Technical leaflet of Preciflow IPC