Series 385 Release

​Mini-Manifold Isolation Valve simplifies fluid control for manufacturers of analytical equipment.

ASCO Scientific’s new Series 385 is a 16 mm wide, manifold mount, miniature isolation valve designed to control the flow of aggressive chemicals or high purity fluids. The compact manifold design saves space, shortens assembly time, makes service easier, and reduces the number of potential leak points of the fluid circuit.

In addition to the benefits of the manifold design, the Series 385 features a unique rocker diaphragm mechanism that forms an easy to flush internal cavity, which prevents cross-contamination. The rocker design also eliminates erratic flow caused by pumping action that is common to poppet style valves.

The Series 385 is available in inert materials of construction such as PEEK, FFKM, FKM, and EPDM to handle a large variety of corrosive or high purity fluids.

To meet OEMs’ specific application requirements, ASCO Scientific can design and manufacture custom manifold assemblies with a variety of material and configurations.

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