​Industry 4.0 diagnostics for pneumatics through direct digital control

IO-Link® module added to ASCO Numatics 580 Series electronics platform


Emerson is proud to announce the introduction of an IO-Link® communication option, expanding the
ASCO Numatics 580 Series fieldbus electronics platform. For use with the ASCO Numatics 500 Series valve islands, the new IO-Link module will allow machine automation designers a convenient, cost effective and reliable solution for solenoid valve control through direct digital data communication with the machine controller. Additionally, it offers the ability for event-based and I/O mapped diagnostics – both important predictive maintenance requirements for Industry 4.0.

The 580 Series IO-Link is compatible with the full range of 501, 502 and 503 Series valve islands. These valve islands offer flow rates from 400 to 1400 l/min in valve sizes of 11, 18 and 26 mm. They are available with base-plates that allow two pressure sizes to be combined in one convenient assembly, simplifying installation and allowing valve piloting and pneumatic systems from the same island. The modular range offers the market's highest flow capability for their product size, which keeps machine footprints compact and lowers system costs. A comprehensive range of options are available for complete application flexibility.

IO-Link is becoming more and more popular for automation systems, offering an internationally standardised I/O technology (IEC 61131-9) for communication at the sensor/actuator level in machine control. The 580 Series IO-Link module comes up with many advantages such as simple commissioning with unshielded 3-wire comms connection and 4- or 5-pin industry standard M12 connectors for power and communications. In addition to increased machine availability through enhanced diagnostics, further benefits include parameter setting with IO-Link's integral device description protocol (IODD) plus simple configuration parameter update and uncomplicated component exchange. When used with the 500 Series valve islands and a compatible IO-Link master, a modular distributed I/O topology is easily achieved for up to 32 solenoid outputs per master ports in addition to third-party sensors, relays and other field level components.

IO-Link is independent of upper level fieldbus systems and is available for almost all major fieldbus protocols. Due to this neutrality OEM's are allowed to choose their preferred supplier for top-level machine controls. Automation machine upgrade or expansion costs can be kept to a minimum by using existing PLC controls whilst increasing field level functionality. Also programmers can benefit from IO-Link's impressive capabilities because I/O mapped diagnostics make for simplified PLC control and event based diagnostics offer cloud processing of the data via a compatible master.

The 580 Series IO-Link is perfectly suitable to distributed machine architectures where sensors and pneumatic systems are located close to each other and where high reliability digital data communication between field devices and the machine controller is desirable. Conveying and robotics, pick and place and assembly machines, and all areas of packaging machinery are examples of typical applications.


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