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Your machine performance often rely on valves

The modularity of our valves provides a high number of configurations, and our sandwich components offering is the broadest in the industry, providing:
  • Pressure regulators
  • Pressure shut off
  • Exhaust flow control
  • 24V DC and air pilot zoning for machine safety integration

We offer a breadth of product options and can even provide optimised in-cabinet installation, helping you ensure your project finishes on time and on budget.

Valve comparison

Valve 501 with ATEX logo
Valve 502 with ATEX logo
Valve 503
Valve 2035
Series 501 502 503 2035
Connection M7

2,7x4 or 4x6mm
G1/8 or NPT

4x6 or 6x8mm
G1/4-G3/8 or NPT

6x8 or 8x10mm
G3/8-G1/2 or NPT
Width 11mm 18mm 26mm 41mm
Flow (L/min) ANR 400 650 1400 3820
Pneumatic function 5/2 single or double solenoid
5/3 W1, W2, W3, 2x3/2 NC-NC, 2x3/2 NO-NO
5/2 single or double solenoid, 5/3 W1, W3
Technology Rubber pack Spool and sleeve or rubber pack Spool and sleeve or rubber pack Spool and sleeve
Temperature -10°C tot +50°C

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W1: 5/3 closed centre position W2: 5/3 centre open to pressure W3: 5/3 centre open to exhaust    
NO: Normally Open - NC: Normally Closed

Sandwich Components

Pressure regulator to regulate the pressure to an individual valve. Available as a double regulator to regulate the outlet pressure also.
Shut off block to isolate the pressure to a single valve.  This enables removal and maintenance of a single valve without shutting off supply to the whole manifold.
Sandwich pressure blocks Sandwich pressure blocks enable a supply to be provided to an individual valve, independent of the manifold supply.    Sandwich exhaust block  Sandwich exhaust blocks enable the exhaust from individual valves to be piped away independent of the manifold exhaust.
Speed control Block 
Speed control blocks enable adjustment of the outlet flow of a single valve to alter the speed of operation of any device that is connected.     



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