Save time and money with ASCO Numatics outsourced solutions

Save Time and Money with ASCO Solutions

For customers who may be tight on time or short on resources, we offer fully pre-assembled, ready to install systems, specifically built and certified to your specification.
From pre-assembled products to cabinet-mounted assemblies, solutions are provided for different levels of integration, from simple actuators to boxes and multifunctional cabinets. Installation and connection on site is a quick and easy process, while certification is simplified as cabinets can be pre-certified ready for use. We offer a wide range of pre-assembled solutions, with the potential cost savings dependent on the level of integration required.

Pre-prepared components

Packaged together for faster installation, the reduction in procurement and processes typically provides savings of up to 20%.ASCO cabinet solution

Assembled solutions

Providing further opportunities for integration and savings, components are ready-mounted, removing the need for assembly on site and delivering savings of up to 30%.

Turnkey solutions

Where components need to be box, cabinet or chassis-mounted, ASCO will assemble, test and deliver turnkey solutions to specification. The reduction in assembly costs, together with R&D, design and procurement, translate into savings of up to 50%.

Bespoke Solutions

ASCO’s team of experienced design engineers develop solutions using the latest computer-based engineering software to create three-dimensional CAD files and detailed engineering drawings. This lowers the risk of design amends during the production phase.

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